Conformity Assessment of Equipment

Conformity Assessment of Equipment

JSC “VO “Safety” conducts conformity assessment in the form of acceptance and testing of products supplied to nuclear facilities including checking the state of procedures applied by the manufacturer and control of products’ conformity (including monitoring of process procedures’ observance) with the requirements established by the federal rules and regulations in the field of atomic energy use as well as other regulatory documents, delivery contracts, along with drawing up of relevant documents.

The largest Russian and world companies are the partners and the customers of conformity assessment activities.

The range of products subjected to conformity assessment by the specialists of JSC “VO “Safety” is quite wide; it comprises:

  • thermal and mechanical equipment (reactor components, pumps and pump units, pipeline parts and units, piping valves, heat exchange equipment, pressure vessels, ventilation equipment, diesel generator plants, steam turbines, etc.);
  • electrical equipment (electrical equipment, instrumentation, cables and wires, accident localization system equipment, APCS components, etc.).

JSC “VO “Safety” has many years of experience; it has been conducting conformity assessment of products in more than 400 companies of the Russian Federation and more than 300 foreign companies in 36 countries: Ukraine, Czech Republic, Germany, France, Croatia, Belgium, Italy, Austria, Switzerland, Sweden, Japan, Serbia, etc.

Conformity assessment of equipment supplied for Russian NPPs

Conformity assessment of equipment supplied to Russia-designed foreign NPPs

Conformity assessment in the form of review of technical documentation