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Promoting safe development of nuclear energy and industrial complex of Russia and ensuring nuclear and radiation safety of Russian design nuclear facilities constructed abroad

Goals of the company


    • compliance of the scientific and technical level of the Company with the long-term needs in technical and professional support of the activities carried out by the state supervisory body;
    • ensuring fulfillment by the Russian Federation of its international obligations related to assistance in development of nuclear safety regulatory infrastructure in the field of atomic energy use in the states importing nuclear power technologies;
    • enhancing the Company’s diversification level and industrial safety services’ market representation;
    • maintaining and improving the necessary set of competences in engineering and consulting activities in order to develop new segments in the field of industrial safety of present-day computer-aided high-tech production sectors;
    • improving competitiveness and investment prospects of the Company.
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Pursuant to the Rostechnadzor License (Reg. No. GN-13-115-3088 of October 29, 2015 valid till October 29, 2020), JSC “VO "Safety” has the right to conduct review of design, engineering, and process documentation as well as documents substantiating the ensuring of nuclear and radiation safety for the following nuclear facilities and activities...
JSC “VO “Safety” conducts conformity assessment in the form of acceptance and testing of products supplied to nuclear facilities including checking the state of procedures applied by the manufacturer and control of products’ conformity (including monitoring of process procedures’ observance) with the requirements established by the federal rules and regulations in the field of atomic energy use as well as other regulatory documents, delivery contracts, along with drawing up of relevant documents.
Образовательное направление деятельности Общества развивается в поддержку осуществления полномочия Ростехнадзора по организации дополнительного профессионального образования работников Службы (п.5.9. Положения о Федеральной службе по экологическому, технологическому ...
АО «ВО «Безопасность» — крупнейшая в России экспертно-инспекторская организация в области надзора за объектами использования атомной энергии и одна из крупнейших в Европе организаций технической поддержки национальных органов регулирования в области ...
Comprehensive service rendering in cooperation with the Federal Environmental, Industrial and Nuclear Supervision Service as applied to all types of activities in the field of industrial safety...
JSC “VO “Safety” supervises construction, deliveries and installation of equipment in the course of creation and modernization of industrial facilities in the territory of Russia and abroad.
Pursuant to the three-year Agreement signed in 2017 between the State Corporation Rosatom and IAEA, JSC “VO “Safety” conducts international training courses in improving nuclear infrastructure development.


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News & publications


The Training Center for Refresher Training in Nuclear and Radiaton Safety was set up in 2004 as an independent educational establishment for refresher training with training programs of the scope of 72 hours and longer. The main objective is to provide nuclear industry specialists with refresher training courses, to update knowledge in the field of nuclear, radiation, technological and ecological safety assurance. The Training Center possesses a license for educational activity at all directions listed below. Upon training completion the trainees obtain refresher training certificates under a certain program.

  • Реализация дополнительных профессиональных программ и программ профессионального обучения в области промышленной безопасности и безопасности в техногенной сфере в других отраслях промышленности и энергетики Российской Федерации и других государств.
  • Предаттестационные подготовки по знаниям законодательства и нормативно-технических документов в области промышленной, энергетической безопасности и безопасности гидротехнических сооружений для последующей аттестации руководителей и специалистов в аттестационной комиссии.
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