Basic activities

  • Arrangement and implementation of examinations, as well as expert and assessment activity with respect to hazardous facilities and production lines (nuclear facilities and those specified by RF Government Regulation No.382 of 04.06.2002 are meant by hazardous facilities and production lines), as well as other production facilities, with issuance of the relevant conclusions.
  • Arrangement, implementation and participation in control, tests and inspections.
  • Arrangement and implementation of certification of products, services, quality system, environmental control systems, including certification of quality management systems, equipment, items and technologies.
  • Arrangement and assurance of activity on normalization, development, establishment, complete set making, keeping and updating of the fund of regulatory and organizational-and-methodical documents, and rendering services in using this fund.
  • Conduct of audits of quality management systems, quality assurance programs, organizational and financial activity of organizations and enterprises.
  • Carrying out activity on control over Projects for making products or rendering services, methodical management and implementation of management of resources (including economic planning, budgeting, book-keeping service, personnel management, monitoring, logistics, documentation and records control), coordination of technical support of the Projects for making products or rendering services.
  • Arrangement and participation in research, research and development, design and survey activity in the field of natural, engineering, human and social sciences.
  • Implementation of consulting activity, consulting and engineering services rendering.
  • Development, updating, improvement and dissemination of intellectual products.