Pre-Certification Training

JSC “VO “Safety” renders educational services related to pre-certification training in legislation and regulatory and technical documents in the field of industrial safety, energy safety and safety of hydraulic engineering structures for subsequent certification of managers and specialists in the certification committee.

The training is aimed at studying the requirements for industrial, power engineering and hydraulic engineering structures’ safety:

  • in chemical, petrochemical and oil refining industries;
  • in oil and gas industry;
  • in metallurgical industry;
  • in ore mining industry;
  • in coal mining industry;
  • at gas distribution and gas consumption facilities;
  • for pressure equipment;
  • at hosting devices;
  • during transportation of hazardous substances;
  • at vegetal raw material storage and processing facilities;
  • in blasting operations;
  • at consumers’ electrical installations;
  • at thermal power installations and heat networks;
  • at electric power plants and mains;
  • at hydraulic engineering structures.

Pre-certification training programs are developed based on the standard programs of the Federal Environmental, Industrial and Nuclear Supervision Service.