JSC “VO “Safety” renders educational services:

  • related to the implementation of additional professional programs and professional training programs in the field of industrial safety and anthropogenic safety in other sectors of industry and power industry of the Russian Federation and other countries based on the license for conducting educational activity No. 038519 of 11.07.2015;

    License for conducting educational activity (Adobe PDF, 2.5 МБ)

  • pre-certification training in legislation and regulatory and technical documents in the field of industrial safety, energy safety, and safety of hydraulic engineering structures for subsequent certification of managers and specialists in the certification committee.

The Training and Qualification Center is guided in its activities by the applicable legislation of the Russian Federation and the documents of the Company.

The Company arranges additional professional programs and major programs of professional training in intramural, intramural-extramural and extramural forms of education including those with remote technologies applied.

Intramural education takes place in the classrooms, lecture halls and computer rooms equipped with all necessary facilities for conducting classes in the full scope in accordance with training curricula and programs. To ensure the full scope implementation of the training in the extramural and intramural-extramural forms, trainees get access to information systems and electronic learning resource through information and telecommunication networks. JSC “VO “Safety” ensures that the training conditions are safe and are in line with the established rules to protect life and health of trainees, personnel of the Company with due consideration of relevant requirements stipulated by the Federal state educational standards, Federal state requirements and/or educational standards.

Specialists with higher or secondary vocational education experienced in the relevant field and certified according to the established procedure and in accordance with the requirements of the Russian Federation legislation are involved in the implementation of the programs.

Classes are held in groups as trainees enroll. Training is delivered in Russian.

The training based on the programs of additional professional education and professional education is completed with final certification, following which the standard form certificates are issued.

JSC “VO “Safety” provides precertification training of managers and specialists of Russian and foreign entities in industrial safety in the fields approved by Rostechnadzor’s order No.233 dated 06.04.2012. The training is provided in accordance with «Provisions for the arrangement of training and qualification of specialists of the organizations supervised by the Federal Environmental, Industrial and Nuclear Supervision Service of Russia» approved by Rostechnadzor’s order No.37 dated 29.01.2007.

The training is aimed at study of requirements

  • in chemical, petrochemical and oil refining industries;
  • in oil and gas industry;
  • in metallurgical industry;
  • in ore mining industry;
  • in coal mining industry;
  • at gas distribution and gas consumption facilities;
  • to pressure equipment;
  • at hosting devices;
  • during transportation of hazardous substances;
  • at vegetal raw material storage and processing facilities;
  • in blasting operations;
  • at consumers’ electrical installations;
  • at thermal power installations and heat networks;
  • at electric power plants and mains;
  • at hydraulic engineering structures.

Pre-certification training programs are developed based on the standard programs of the Federal Environmental, Industrial and Nuclear Supervision Service.

Presently the precertification training is provided in Kazan.