Continuation of training in the framework of the IAEA technical cooperation programs

Upon return from Novovoronezh to Moscow, the group of representatives of the regulators developing national nuclear programs (Vietnam, Bangladesh, Egypt, Belarus, Pakistan) continued training in the framework of the IAEA technical cooperation programs related to safety regulation during atomic energy use. The trainees studied the following during April 11–15:
  • NPP safety analyses (introduction course);
  • Regulatory oversight of equipment and items during manufacture, delivery to the facility, acceptance and installation;
  • Introduction to the PSA.
More information about the training program

These lectures were theoretical preparation for a one-week theoretical and practical course dealing with Level 1 PSA for internal initiating events, which was an opportunity to get familiarized with software tools, applied in the PSA, as well as to master the skills of modelling fault trees and event trees, and modelling dependences in the PSA.

According to some trainees, the course changes their idea of the PSA and clarified its role in regulatory practice.

During the final week of training trainees were surveyed (to get feedback). On the basis of the analysis of the answers it was concluded that program topics were consistent with the expectations and professional needs of the trainees. They noted that the training program was arranged in an effective manner, the training course included both theoretical and practical parts, as well as technical visits to the NPP fuel production enterprise, the NVNPP-2 construction site, operating units. The combination of theory and practice made it possible to give a general idea of the developed regulatory infrastructure of the RF and to demonstrate specific examples based on regulator practice, which aroused trainees’ great interest.

The trainees highly appreciated the level of lecturers’ competence and professionalism, arrangement of visits to the JSC Machine-Building Factory and the NVNPP, training ambiance.

On April 22, 2016 the training of the representatives of regulators developing nuclear programs using Russian VVER technologies was completed with the issue of personal certificates.

Photos of the event