Training of foreign inspectors has been completed at the NVNPP

Training of foreign inspectors has been completed at the NVNPP Training of the foreign specialists of regulators-newcomers in the field of NPP safe operation at the NVNPP has come to an end. 12 representatives of Egypt, Bangladesh, Pakistan, Vietnam and Belarus got acquainted with technological features of the VVER-1200 design, as well with the issues of NPP safety regulation during three weeks. More information about the training program The training course in Novovoronezh is a part of a large six-week program that began in Moscow. It was divided into three stages. The first week dealt with theory about the VVER-1200 design, used for the construction of NVNPP Units 6 and 7. The lectures were given by the instructors of the NPP Training Center. The training plan of the second week was directly connected with the issues of NPP safe operation regulation. Lectures on the topic were given by the representatives of the Don ITD for supervision over nuclear and radiation safety. The third stage consisted of familiarization visits to NVNPP power units. During the visits the inspectors saw pre-commissioning preparedness of Unit 6 and its innovative safety systems. “Russian has great experience in regulation dating back several tens of years. Certainly, we are ready to share our best experience with our colleagues from other countries and demonstrate the advantages of Russian technologies to them” — says Mr. Ivan Renev, Head of the Department for the Management of NRS Regulation Infrastructure Competence, JSC «VO «Safety». According to Mr. Renev, during the first day of the meeting foreign colleagues gave positive comments concerning Russian VVER-1200 reactors, saying they are the most reliable and economically efficient ones. However, many of them were interested in the possibility of reducing the price of the design through compromising some safety system components or replacing some mechanisms with cheaper analogues. “No doubt, we explain to them that they should not save money that way. Our designs are already optimized in a reasonable way. We have found a maximum balance between the price and the quality. Since safe operation of NPPs is our main priority, the main task of the regulator is to fulfill all safety requirements” — commented Mr. Renev. Training of foreign specialists at the NVNPP does not end here. In April a course for the engineers of the Belarus NPP started. During one year and a half more than 250 specialists of the Belarus NPP will be trained in Novovoronezh.

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