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25 октября 2021
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JSC “VO “Safety” and RPA Typhoon specialists conducted training on Operating RECASS EXPRESS Software Package for personnel of the Egyptian Nuclear and Radiological Regulatory Authority (ENRRA). The knowledge and skills acquired by ENRRA personnel will be used during the IAEA emergency response drills at the end of October 2021.

A training programme was developed by the Research and Production Association “Typhoon”. The training course consists of 24 academic hours and includes lectures, practical exercises on predicting the consequences of accidents at radiation hazardous facilities and final testing.

The representatives of ENRRA analyzed the purpose and tasks of the RECASS Express Software Package, got acquainted with the algorithm for preparing and analyzing initial data for calculating the consequences of an accidental release of radioactive substances into the atmosphere, analyzing the results obtained and cartographic representing of the results. Besides, great attention was paid to the practice and opportunity for the participants to interact with each other, to exchange experience and knowledge.

At the final testing stage the participants were given training messages about a conditional emergency. The task was to obtain a forecast of the radiation situation and develop recommendations for carrying out protective measures for the population using the RECASS Express Software Package. When analyzing the answers, attention was paid not only to the correctness of the forecast and recommendations given by the participants, but also to the promptness of obtaining the results.

Following the training results, the participants were awarded certificates of successful completion of the course.

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