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Kursk NPP: Agreement between Rosatom and Kursk Region Comes into Effect

14 ноября 2012
Industry news

An Agreement on Cooperation between the State Atomic Energy Corporation Rosatom and the Kursk region Administration came into effect after its execution by the parties.

According to the Agreement, the regional budget will receive additional taxes from the implementation of investment programs and projects of Rosatom State-owned Corporation in the region. These additional funds will be channeled by the Kursk region Administration for the financing of social and economic, innovative and infrastructure development, creation of new jobs in Kurchatov — the place of location of Kursk NPP, and other measures agreed by the parties.

”The Agreement was signed due to the active and constructive position of the Kursk region Governor, Alexander Mikhailov, who supported the initiative of Rosatom Head, Sergey Kiriyenko,” Head of Kurchatov city, Igor Korpunkov, commented on the event. “And the head of the nuclear industry has demonstrated the consistency between what he said and what he did. During his visit at the end of February of this year, Sergey Kiriyenko has presented to people of our city a draft of additional funding of social development of NPP regions. Since that time, the draft has been worked out more carefully and agreed by the parties”.

”Being at Kursk NPP, Sergey Vladilenovich found complete support for his initiative during the meetings with staff and citizens,” noted Vyacheslav Fedyukin, Director of Kursk NPP. He studied the issues of our plant and city, as well as issues of other NPP regions. Views and needs of our employees have repeatedly been identified during the opinion surveys of the personnel’s involvement in the affairs of the company and industry. And namely on this basis, Rosatom management found real solutions to the problems identified. Activities of the Association of Municipal Entities of NPP location regions, established in September, will promote the most effective implementation of the Agreement”.

Next step of work, starting from the first quarter of 2013, will be the identification of the objects of priority of the Agreement implementation in order to complete them within the next year.

To identify the projects of high priority for particular regions, it is scheduled to organize a public debate and a public report for the use of allocated funds.

Kursk NPP is a branch of Rosenergoatom Concern OJSC and in this guise forms a part of the State Atomic Energy Corporation Rosatom. The plant is located southwest of Kursk on the left bank of the river Seim. Kursk NPP operates four channel-type reactors with a total capacity of 4 million kW. Power units of the plant were connected to the Unified Power System of the country in 1976 — 1985 years. In 1994–2009 they passed through the deep modernization.

At the present time, Kursk NPP operates the power units No.1, 2, 3 and 4. The units work at the capacity rated by the dispatch schedule.

The radiation background in the area of Kursk NPP and the adjacent territory corresponds to the level of power units’ normal operation and does not exceed the natural environmental values.

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