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A delegation of top officials of Voronezh region has visited Novovoronezh NPP

05 июня 2009
Industry news

The deputy head of the Government of Voronezh region A.Gusev, the head of the Chief Department of the Emergency Ministry for Voronezh region, Maj. Gen. P.Kupriyenko, a group of inspectors of the Audit Chamber of the Russian federation as well as several pensioners from the nearby village of Kolodeznoye visited Novovoronezh Nuclear Power Plant on June 5 2009.

The guests visited the control panel of the plant and the turbine building and observed the 3rd and 4th reactors from the viewing point.

Novovoronezh NPP is operating normally. The radiation background in its 30-km monitoring zone is within norm. The plant is safe and efficient, which is proved by the data of the automated radiation control system and the security parameters presentation system.

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