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JSC “VO “Safety” celebrated its 30th anniversary

29 сентября 2023
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Mr. Alexander Trembitsky, Chairman of Rostechnadzor, and Mr. Alexander Demin, State Secretary and Deputy Chairman of Rostechnadzor, paid a working visit to JSC “VO “Safety” and congratulated the Company’s personnel on the Nuclear Industry Worker’s Day, as well as on the 30th anniversary of the Company.

Mr. Alexander Trembitsky granted the employees of the Company and its branches with departmental awards and underlined a significant contribution of JSC “VO “Safety” to regulation of safety in the field of use of atomic energy, including industrial safety and safety review. Besides, Mr. Trembitsky emphasized the importance of further development and improvement of work to ensure a high level of activity of the Company both in the Russian Federation and abroad.

On the occasion of the 30th anniversary of JSC “VO “Safety” more than 150 employees of the Company and its branches were granted the Rostechnadzor awards, industry awards of State Corporation Rosatom and corporate awards.

Joint Stock Company “VO “Safety” was established on September 8, 1993, by Gosatomnadzor of Russia in accordance with the decision corresponding to the Convention on Nuclear Safety, which the Russian Federation joined in 1994.

At present, JSC “VO “Safety” promotes fulfillment of the international obligations of the Russian Federation related to the establishment and development of safety regulation infrastructure in the field of use of atomic energy, promotes safe development of the Russian atomic energy and industrial system, ensures nuclear and radiation safety of nuclear facilities, as well as provides assistance to countries embarking on their nuclear power programs.

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