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Young specialists of JSC “VO “Safety” took part in the Xth International Scientific and Practical Conference “TEAM”

06 июля 2023
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The specialists of JSC “VO “Safety” took part in the anniversary Xth International Scientific and Practical Conference of young scientists and specialists in the nuclear field “TEAM”.

One of the main objectives of the conference is to maintain the scientific environment to ensure scientific and technical capacity building. This is a platform for the young specialists to present reports on various topics of the nuclear field, get feedback from experts and share experience with colleagues.

The reports of the specialists of JSC “VO “Safety” are presented in the section devoted to the issues of ensuring the reliability and safety of nuclear facilities “Safety justification for nuclear facilities”.

The report of German Pipchenko, Chief Specialist of the Project Development Department, on “Automation of the on-line identification of an initiating event at VVER NPPs in emergency response conditions” is devoted to the issue of providing the crisis center experts with an innovative tool for the automated assessment of the current state of the power unit of the VVER NPP subjected to an emergency and for forecasting the development of an accident without human participation.

The work carried out by German Pipchenko was logically continued and developed by the report of Anastasia Kononova, Chief Expert of the Review Division, on the “Method of Automated Detection of Leak from the Primary Circuit to the Containment of VVER-1000 NPP Units”, which presents a universal technique for on-line automated selection of the nominal diameter of the leak from the primary circuit of VVER-1000 NPP units to the containment. The technique can be generalized for diagnosing and selecting the nominal diameter of leaks from the primary to the second circuit, as well as leaks of feedwater pipelines and steam lines.

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