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08 апреля 2022
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Specialists of JSC “VO “Safety” (scientific and technical support organization of Rostechnadzor), together with representatives of JSC VPO “ZAES” and LLC FREYSSINET, conducted acceptance tests of the products of the Portuguese manufacturer “FAPRICELA – Industria de Trefilaria S.A.” and carried out supervision over the execution of process operations for the manufacture of ropes to form the containment pre-stressing system (CPSS) for Units 1 and 2 of the Rooppur NPP. The inspection results confirmed the appropriate quality and operability of the products. The total amount of products exceeding 260 tons was recognized as fit for commissioning.

The containment prestressing system is part of the inner containment of the reactor building ensuring its functioning. CPSS consists of 128 prestressed tendons, each containing 55 high-strength strands. The outer diameter of the strand protected with anti-corrosion grease and covered with a sheath, is from 17.2 mm to 19.4 mm. During operation of the power unit, the CPSS multiply increases the strength of the inner containment, which acts as a confinement safety system and ensures the tightness of the internal volume of the reactor building under all operating modes of the reactor plant, including emergency ones.


LLC FREYSSINET is the Russian representative office of the French company FREYSSINET INTERNATIONAL & Compagnie, a recognized world leader in the field of construction of cable-truss bridges, prestressing, repair, reinforcement of structures, etc. The company has been on the prestressing marking in the RF nuclear industry since 2005; it has been cooperating with JSC “VO “Safety” since 2013.

FAPRICELA Industria de Trefilaria S.A. Is the subcontractor of FREYSSINET INTERNATIONAL & Compagnie which is in charge of the CPSS installation at the Rooppur NPP.

JSC VPO “ZAES” is a specialized organization for quality control and conformity assessment of products supplied for nuclear facilities in Russia and abroad.

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