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23 мая 2022
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JSC “VO “Safety” experts conducted the conformity assessment of the casing for pretreatment filter PR-BW 800 DN 3000 which is a component of ball cleaning system for Power Unit 1 of the Akkuyu NPP, produced by “Morshanskkhimmash” Plant”, LLC (Morshansk town, Tambov Region). It has been concluded following the inspection that the item fully complies with the technical requirements and the Plant may commence the manufacture of pretreatment filter PR-BW 800 DN 3000. Subsequent quality control in the course of the filter manufacture will be undertaken by the experts of JSC “VO “Safety” Penza Branch.

The pretreatment filter is an essential part of the ball cleaning system intended for cleaning and maintenance of cleanliness of condenser tube surfaces to prevent the reduction of heat-transfer coefficient and maintenance of design vacuum in the condenser.

Let us remind that AKKUYU NUCLEAR and JSC “VO “Safety” signed a contract for rendering expert and consultancy services during the construction of the Akkuyu NPP in 2015, and the contract is valid till 2024. The contract covers the following areas: Review and analysis of working engineering documentation for products; Review of reactor plant basic design documentation Review of technical documentation for equipment supplied from third countries in order to determine the possibility of its application at the NPP; Analysis of changes in the working engineering documentation; Review of and agreement upon quality plans for products; Participation in checking the preparedness of enterprises to start manufacturing products; In-process control of products manufacturing; Participation in product testing; Acceptance inspections of manufactured products.

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