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22 февраля 2021
Company's news

Late January, specialists of the Headquarters of JSC “VO “Safety” conducted acceptance and delivery tests of products by Arako spol s.r.o. (Czech Republic) and controlled process operations for manufacturing of piping valves for the Kursk NPP (branch of JSC Concern Rosenergoatom). The inspection results confirmed the appropriate quality and performance of the products. The density and strength of parts, as well as the tightness standards of welded joints and detached joints, fully comply with the requirements of technical documentation.

The NPP pipeline network is an important part of the plant; its reliability is subject to the highest requirements, defined in the Federal Rules and Regulations NP-068-05, approved by Rostechnadzor Resolution No. 25 dated 30.12.2005.

General requirements for the pipeline network of nuclear power plants:

  • reliability indicators should be selected with due account of specifics of the place where the valves are to be installed in the system, operating parameters, operating procedures, consequences of valve failures, and other factors;
  • valves shall not be used for purposes other than intended ones (installation of shut-off valves instead of control valves);
  • the installation of valves should provide free access to all parts;
  • high-temperature valves should be shielded with a demountable removable structure with thermal insulation.

Valves of 10-2000 mm diameter are applied at NPPs. Such valves can operate under high pressure (up to 25 MPa) and temperature (up to 500°С). Valves for NPPs designed for operation in the mid and high-pressure systems generally have a welded connection to the pipeline. Such a connection reduces the risk of possible leaks.

Information note Arako spol. s.r.o is a valve manufacturer for thermal and nuclear power, chemical and petrochemical industries.
Since 2007, it has been a part of Russian holding Atomenergomash,  an engineering division of the State Corporation Rosatom. The company has been working with JSC “VO “Safety” since 2010.

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