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JSC “VO “Safety” Assists ENRRA in IMS Creation

17 марта 2020
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Late February 2020, specialists of JSC “VO “Safety”, jointly with BUREAU VERITAS EXPLOITATION SAS, held training for representatives of the Egyptian Nuclear and Radiological Regulatory Authority (ENRRA) in the following courses: “Leadership and Management for Safety Culture” and “IMS Training for the Senior Management”. The training was arranged under the scope of a contract signed in 2019 to render engineering and consultancy services for the El Dabaa NPP Construction Project and to share with the management of the Egyptian regulator basic knowledge in IMS and safety culture.

As noted by Elena Rusanova, director of the Quality Management Department of JSC “VO “Safety”, such training is necessary, and it is a prerequisite to introduce later IMS documents into the existing ENRRA’s system. “Today, our specialists have already developed an IMS Manual, described seven key, five supporting, and two managerial processes for the regulator. The next step will be to issue provisions, guidelines, and instructions for further IMS development. The plan is to assist in the introduction of the documents through “on-the-job trainings” for ENRRA specialists,” she added.

The second stage of training is scheduled for the second quarter this year, and it will be aimed at increasing the qualifications of ENRRA’s staff. The training program will include such courses as “General IMS Awareness”, “Safety Culture in Nuclear Energy Use”, and “Internal IMS Auditor”.

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