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Russia and Brazil plan irradiation centre

02 декабря 2016
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United Innovation Corporation (UIC), a subsidiary of Russian state nuclear corporation Rosatom, has signed a memorandum of understanding (MOU) with Brazilian consultancy CK3 for the development, construction and operation of an irradiation centre in Brazil. The document was signed by the director-generals of the two companies, respectively, Denis Cherednichenko and Renato Cherkezian.

Rosatom said yesterday the MOU establishes cooperation between the parties and involves the coordination of efforts to implement and operate projects for an irradiation centre in Brazil, using technologies based on the use of electron accelerators for sterilization of pharmaceuticals, cosmetics and healthcare products, among others applications.

The project will combine Russia’s experience in radiation technology and the marketing experience of CK3.

“We see great potential in the Brazilian market in the field of medical products sterilization by means of irradiation technologies,” Cherednichenko said. “The use of irradiation technologies in the Brazilian health area can significantly improve the safety and quality of goods and services. Hermetically packaged medical products can be effectively sterilized, which reduces the risk of contamination in the production phase. Products treated with the radiation sterilization method will also increase the export potential of Brazilian companies engaged in the production of medical goods”, he said.

The “fundamental difference” in Rosatom’s proposals in radiation sterilization, he added, is its offer to create a “turnkey centre”.

He said: “We do not only create a project and equip the irradiation centre, but also train employees and provide services”.

Rodrigo Cherkezian, CK3’s director for investor relations, said the company had been studying the irradiation market for some time, noting that there had been little investment in Brazil in this sector. “We firmly believe that after lots of negotiations we have found the right partner because Rosatom has advanced technologies in this field and at the same time has a well-recognized international presence. The complementary competencies of this union allow us to have an aggressive entry strategy for this market”, he said.

UIC was established as a Rosatom subsidiary in 2011. According to the statement, UIC works on: integrated solutions for nuclear medicine; multi-purpose irradiation centres in the environmental sector, including the management and treatment of hazardous medical and solid household waste; a comprehensive solution to water treatment problems; and the deployment of other possible radiation technology applications.

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