Construction work is moving on at Russia’s Leningrad II, with contractor Titan-2 reporting achievements in the turbine building, nuclear island and water treatment plant. There has also been progress on unit 2’s containment.

In the turbine building, a 170 tonne overhead crane and a 440 tonne bridge crane have been installed. Some 480 tonnes of turbogenerator equipment, including high and low pressure turbines, have been mounted and testing of the bearing housings and their installation. This heralds the start of the active phase installation of the major components of the turbogenerator set.

Meanwhile, the company has also started the installation of cabling in the reactor building and has also made progress with buildings at the water treatment plant, which is scheduled for completion by April.

Leningrad II is planned eventually to house four AES-2006 model VVER pressurized water reactors, two of which are under construction and scheduled to begin operation in 2016 and 2018 respectively.

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