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New contract of JSC «Techsnabexport» For supply of low-enriched uranium to Switzerland

13 января 2010
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On January 11 of 2010 a new contract between JSC “Techsnabexport” (TENEX, 100% subsidiary of JSC “Atomenergoprom”) and KernKraftwerk Leibstadt AG (KKL, Switzerland) entered into force. The subject of the contract is the supply of low-enriched uranium for further processing to fuel assemblies for KKL nuclear power plant during 2011–2025. The cooperation between TENEX and KKL has been under way since 1996, and the new contract is the only one in the country for the Russian supplier.

The KKL NPP with BWR-type reactor (1,220 MW (el.) was commissioned in 1984, with preliminary decommissioning scheduled in 2044. Its share in the total nuclear electricity generation at 4 NPPs in Switzerland is about 40%. The largest KKL’s shareholder is Axpo AG (23%), which is also the shareholder of another NPP Gosgen and a sole proprietor of NPP Beznau.

The new contract of JSC “Techsnabexport” is in compliance with the company’s policy aimed at development and consolidation of direct long-term business relations with end-users of the Russian nuclear industry products and services. It is also of a strategic importance for KKL because contributes to a reliable long-term fuel supply to the NPP and guarantees a steady electricity generation.

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