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Kola NPP continues its cooperation with Norway

15 июня 2009
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A delegation of the Institute for Energy Technologies (IFE, Norway) visited Kola Nuclear Power Plant a few days ago. The objective of the visit was to check up the results of the technical assistance projects carried out by the Government of Norway at Kola NPP with a view to enhance the plant’s safety as well as to plan further cooperation.

Kola NPP has successfully cooperated with IFE for 17 years. The parties have implemented over 50 projects to date: a system of control of the diesel generators of the 3rd and 4th units, TV control of the containment of the 3rd unit, system for surveillance of the reactor core of the 4th unit (SCORPIO), portable aerosol gas and iodine monitor, equipment for vibration and nondestructive control and water chemistry monitoring.

During the meeting the parties summed up the results of the projects implemented in 2008. The Norwegian guests inspected the equipment supplied under the project.

The parties outlined their further steps and considered formats of cooperation with the mass media and the public.

They pointed out the importance of further cooperation and expressed hope that their contacts would be continued.

Kola NPP is the key electricity supplier of Murmansk region and the Republic of Karelia. It is situated 200 km south of Murmansk on the shore of Imandra, one of the biggest and finest lakes of Northern Europe. The plant has four units 440 MW each (half of the region’s power generating capacity). The annual production capacity is over 12bln KWh. Kola NPP is absolutely safe. Today, it is operating at full capacity, which is a good basis for the region’s industrial development.

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