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Inspectors confirm high safety of Beloyarsk NPP

02 июня 2009
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May 25–29 2009 an expert commission of Energoatom Concern conducted a complex inspection of the safety of Beloyarsk NPP

Such inspections are conducted at all Russia’s nuclear power plants on a regular basis. The commissioned comprised highly qualified specialists of Energoatom Concern and its branches. They inspected the nuclear and radiation safety of the plant and its compliance with equipment operation rules.

As a result, they confirmed the high safety of Beloyarsk NPP.

Beloyarsk Nuclear Power Plant is Russia’s only nuclear power plant having different types of reactors: the 1st unit with AMB-100 thermal reactor was launched in Apr 1964. For the moment, the 1st and 2nd units are being decommissioned.

Since Apr 1980 Beloyarsk NPP has operated the world’s only commercial fast-breeder reactor — BN-600 (600MW). The BN-800 reactor (800MW) is under construction and is supposed to be launched in 2012.

Fast-breeder reactors are supposed to enlarge the fuel resources of Russia’s nuclear industry by over 50 times, to minimize the production of radioactive waste and to use the spent nuclear fuel produced by other NPPs due to closed fuel cycle technology.

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