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Energoatom Concern is adopting Siemens’s experience in the field of innovative technologies

19 июня 2009
Новости отрасли

A group of specialists of Energoatom Concern OJSC, led by Deputy Director General-Director for NPP Operation Yuri Kopyov, has visited Germany.

The objective of the visit was to see the innovative technologies applied by the German colleagues to the information-analytical systems of their power companies.

The guests visited a number of Siemens’s facilities — the headquarters in Munich, the Remote Expert Center in Karslruhe, the office of Stuttgart — as well as the central office of Energie Baden-Wurttemberg AG (EnBW).

They familiarized themselves with EnBW’s control systems and saw that the German colleagues had similar tasks and approaches. The parties have reached a preliminary agreement for exchange of operating experience.

The Russian delegation met with Siemens’s power and IT executives. The latter said that they would like to establish multilateral cooperation with Energoatom Concern as one of the world’s biggest nuclear operators.

The parties have shown mutual interest in intensifying their contacts: particularly, they will shortly consider the possibility of joint introduction of a modern system for information-analytical support of managerial decisions based on key performance indicators.

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