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Dome in place at first Leningrad II unit

12 июня 2014
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A major lift has seen the containment dome installed at the first unit at Russia’s Leningrad Phase II nuclear power plant.

Assembled on the ground, the dome was pre-fitted with its sprinkler and ventilation systems as well as service platforms for the polar crane. When ready on 10 June a two-hour operation saw the 173-tonne dome raised by crane and lowered into position atop the containment building. The milestone marks the end of major civil engineering works at the unit.

The emplacement of the dome comes just days after the unit’s reactor vessel was lowered into place through the still-open building.

The next stage in Leningrad II unit 1’s construction will involve the installation of the main equipment, including the steam generators and the main cooling pipeline.

Leningrad Phase II is a new nuclear power plant adjacent to the existing Leningrad nuclear plant site. Two AES-2006 design nuclear units are being built, which should begin operation in 2016 and 2018 respectively.

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