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Canadian nuclear research centre secures funding

23 февраля 2012
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The government of the Canadian province of Saskatchewan has agreed to provide funding for the new Canadian Centre for Nuclear Innovation (CCNI). The new centre will support nuclear research, development and innovation.

Saskatchewan’s minister responsible for innovation, Rob Norris, has signed a multi-year agreement to provide funding for the C$30 million ($30 million) centre, to be based at the University of Saskatchewan. The funding is to be spread over seven years, to be co-financed with partnerships with academia, governments and industry.

The centre will focus on four areas of research: nuclear medicine, nuclear materials science, safety and engineering, and the environment; along with other social aspects of nuclear science. It will operate as a subsidiary of the university.

The CCNI — initially announced in March 2011 — expects to issue a call for proposals for research projects within the next few months. Local researchers can partner with outside industry, academics and governments to submit project proposals, which will then be evaluated by an expert advisory committee of external reviewers.

Norris commented: “The Canadian Centre for Nuclear Innovation is a key cornerstone of Saskatchewan’s innovation and nuclear agendas. It will play a vital role in advancing our vision for a safe, responsible, value-added nuclear agenda that focuses on nuclear medicine, material science, safety and small reactor technology”.

University of Saskatchewan vice president of research Karen Chad said, “Building on the university’s renowned history in nuclear medicine and accelerator technology, the CCNI will help Saskatchewan build and maintain a community of expertise to engage the broader community in evidence-based conversations about nuclear issues and inform policies on nuclear technologies for the benefit of society and the economy”.

Meanwhile, the government of Saskatchewan has signed a memorandum of understanding with China’s Beijing Research Institute of Uranium Geology which will “facilitate greater scientific and technical research cooperation on uranium geology”.

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