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Atomstroyexport has successfully completed tests of secondary circuit equipment at Bushehr NPP

13 января 2010
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JSC Atomstroyexport has successfully completed pressure tests of the secondary circuit equipment under pressure of up to 110 kg/cm2 at Bushehr nuclear power plant (NPP) in Iran. The tests were carried out in accordance with the commissioning program of the plant.

The pressure tests of the secondary equipment is a substage of the process to prepare the power unit for hot runs, which is to confirm performance of the main and auxiliary equipment and system of the reactor installation with a simulated core, including electrical devices and engineering features of the control and monitoring system.

Safety issues have always been of primary importance during construction of nuclear facilities; therefore, the pressure tests and purging of the equipment prior to commissioning are carried out diligently with all necessary requirements being observed. Bushehr NPP has passed a number of important tests, including tests of the primary circuit under pressure of up to 250 kg/cm2, which exceeded operating pressure by 40%. The pressure tests of the primary and secondary circuits have confirmed good performance of the main and auxiliary equipment of the plant at design parameters.

For information:

JSC Atomstroyexport is building the first power unit of Bushehr NPP on the turn-key basis; the power unit installed electric capacity is 1000 MW. The plant construction started in 1974 by a German consortium Kraftwerk Union A. G. (Siemens/KWU). In 1980 the concern terminated its contract with the Iranian customer because of the decision made the German Government to join the U.S.-initiated embargo in regard of equipment supplies to Iran. Bushehr NPP is a unique facility, with no analogues in the world. JAC Atomstroyexport and its contractors have managed to integrate the Russian equipment and building structures made to the German project, while making use of about 12,000 tons of German equipment. Extensive work was done to assess usability of the equipment, buildings and structures. The designers had to develop and implement a number of creative engineering solutions and know-how to adapt Russian technologies to already available facilities. The Bushehr NPP construction has been under the IAEA supervision at all stages. It is fully compliant with current international regulations, law and nonproliferation regime.

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