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Atomenergoproekt completed the 2012 topographic mapping program of Akkuyu NPP location region

22 августа 2012
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Specialists of Atomenergoproekt (architect general of Akkuyu NPP) have completed field work aimed at topographic mapping of the site of Turkey’s first nuclear power plant.

During the field season which started in February the specialists mapped a total area of 735 hectares. The work was carried out in frames of the engineering surveys required for drafting the project documentation. The obtained topographic basis reflects features of natural conditions of the locale and state of building structures and engineering utilities.

On the site of Akkuyu NPP Atomenergoproekt’s specialists continue the technical oversight of the engineering surveys — geological, hydrometeorological and environmental — carried out by Turkish contractors. This field work, which are also necessary for drafting the project documentation, are on schedule and should be completed by the end of November 2012.

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