On June 6 Kola NPP held a traditional ecological clean-up action on the occasion of the World Environment Day.

Over 300 people — employees of Kola Nuclear Power Plant and its contractor organizations — took part in the action.

They cleaned the banks of the discharge canal and the shore of Imandra, one of the most popular recreation areas in Polyarnye Zori.

A group of enthusiasts cleaned up the area near the source situated on the St.Petersburg-Murmansk highway.

Deputy Director for Personnel Management of Kola Nuclear Power Plant Igor Kutuzov says that each year the action involves more and more people.

Kola NPP is the key electricity supplier of Murmansk region and the Republic of Karelia. It is situated 200 km south of Murmansk on the shore of Imandra, one of the biggest and finest lakes of Northern Europe. The plant has four units 440 MW each (half of the region’s power generating capacity). The annual production capacity is over 12bln KWh. Kola NPP is absolutely safe. Today, it is operating at full capacity, which is a good basis for the region’s industrial development.

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