Consulting services at the sites of Russia-designed foreign NPPs

The main goal of supervision performed at NPP sites is to create the conditions assuring that personnel, population, and environment are protected against potential negative consequences of operation of nuclear facilities, and providing the appropriate accounting, control and storage of nuclear materials and radioactive substances, and physical protection thereof.
To achieve this goal, the specialists of VO “Safety” being on a business trip at the NPP site render consulting services for the specialists of foreign supervisory bodies.

Bushehr NPP
JSC “VO “Safety” in the framework of its contractual obligations to the Atomic Energy Organization of Iran has been rendering consulting services for the National Nuclear Safety Department (NNSD) of the Iranian Nuclear Regulatory Authority (INRA) including the services provided directly at the Bushehr NPP site for more than 20 years.
The specialists of VO “Safety” at the Bushehr NPP site render assistance to NNSD in arrangement and implementation of supervision over the activities of the operating organization as well as organizations carrying out activities at the stages of the NPP construction (including construction of new Units 2 and 3 at the Bushehr NPP site), commissioning, warranty operation and commercial operation.
The consulting services rendered by the JSC “VO “Safety” specialists for NNSD comprise the whole range of required regulatory and supporting activities in the course of the Bushehr NPP project implementation.
All activities related to arrangement and implementation of supervisory functions at the Bushehr NPP are carried out jointly with NNSD inspectors.
High-quality consulting services rendered by JSC “VO “Safety” for the specialists of INRA/NNSD in relation to supervision of the Bushehr NPP safety assurance facilitates reliable operation of the unit consistent with the internationally recognized and acceptable boundaries of population health risk without compromising the environment (including the marine ecological environment).
All consulting services are rendered on the basis of the documents (of Rostechnadzor and IAEA) open for publication.

Rooppur NPP
Currently, the experts of JSC “VO “Safety” branches are directly involved in construction supervision of the Rooppur NPP in the People’s Republic of Bangladesh. Permanent presence of the branch specialists at the construction site has been ensured. The level of the specialists of the Company’s branches enables exercising of construction supervision of all types of construction and installation works, revealing any deficiencies (deviations from the design documentation, violation of the work procedure) and providing timely information to the Customer.